The Beijing Association of New York (BJANY), established since 2005 by a group of dedicated business people predominately from Beijing, is now one of the most well known Chinese cultural and educational associations among the Chinese community in New York. BJANY’s main purpose is to promote US-China cultural, financial, and educational exchanges within the Chinese community in New York.  BJANY is certified as a non-profit organization by the US government.

In the past, BJANY has participated and organized funding for the Beijing National Aquatics Center (also know as the “Water Cube”) for the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics.  BJANY became one of the largest group from a foreign country to donated to this project.  BJANY has also fundraised for the devastating 2008 snow storm in Southern China, the 2008 Sichuan earthquake, the 2009 Tornado in Taiwan, and the 2005 Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans.

Since 2011, BJANY has sponsored a yearly singing contest which showcases Chinese-American youth in New York City.  Winners of this contest go on to compete in the “Water Cube Cup” in Beijing.  In the first year alone, the winner and runner-up of the local New York City contest went on to place 1stand 2nd in the final “Water Cube Cup” in Beijing.  In the second year, one of the winners of the local contest went on to win Bronze in the final “Water Cube Cup”.  In 2013, one of the winners of the local contest won Silver and “Best Composer” at the final “Water Cube Cup”.  In addition, in connection to our sponsorship of the local contests, BJANY has been awarded the “Excellent Sponsor Award” by the “Water Cube Cup” organizers for three consecutive years.
BJANY hosts various informational workshops, provides services to the community, helps people in the community, and organizes different sporting and social events. BJANY works hard to improve the community, and to promote cross-cultural exchanges between the United States and China.

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